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    I’m trying to recover 2 x 2Gb QT movies on an SD card.
    Disk Drill seems the most successful of the programs I’ve tried.
    When I run Quick Scan it shows the exact files I want to recover including filename and size (2.6Gb).
    I can preview a 3rd file (3.39Mb) fine, but the 2Gb files I really want will play in preview, but are just black, but the length appears correct. What does this mean?
    I’m dead keen to get these files back. Any help appreciated.



    I’m afraid it’s possible that the larger files might have been corrupted due to fragmentation. You can find more details here: /help/recovered-items-corrupted/

    You can go on and get Disk Drill PRO any way, as I’m sure these are not the only files you might want to recover, and these ones also may come up recovered correctly after all. This is data recovery, a lot of assumptions are made to get your data back. Make sure you get acquainted with the Terms of Sale anyway.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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