Recovering From .dmg Disk Image

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    I poked around both on the forum and in the other articles, but I couldn’t find the answer to this.

    I have a drive that I reformatted, but now trying to retrieve all of the files. There are several thousand files. I’d really like to get the original file names restored. It looks like most of the files themselves will work, as they come up in the quick look preview just fine, but I’d say maybe only 1% still carry the original file name. Almost all of the files have been switched to things like “file4284-239.jpg” or they use metadata from the type of camera to rename the file, such as “Canon60D4i3uhfdkh.jpg”.

    If I choose the option to recover the .dmg disk image of the drive, will that restore the original file names, folders, and paths?


    Hi there, and thanks for posting. In Disk Drill, what you see is what you can recover. So all recoverable data is clearly listed after the scan, there will be nothing extra recovered once you proceed. Though, I’m not quite sure what you mean by the “option to recover the .dmg disk image of the drive”. Is there a DMG file being located during the scan? Does it look like the image of your drive? Do you know what that DMG file may contain?

    This article might help as well:



    I wasn’t expecting that quick of a reply! Here’s a screencap of what I’m talking about.

    If I do the option to restore based off of the .dmg, the one that shows 4 TB, will that restore the file names, folders, and paths from before I reformatted?


    That’s what I suspected. See the article that I recommended above to verify whether any of these DMG files are legit and have anything recoverable inside. Also, save your scanning session and get back to the disk list to see whether any lost partitions were found and mounted as virtual ones.

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