Recovering data from an overwritten time machine backup

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    Was using apple time machine for backups (and big mistake – no other regular backup of data except for occassional cds) and it overwrote my main backup. Is there anyway I can recover this overwritten backup using one of your products? The time machine was uplugged immediately after the event and has not been used sinces. Silly mistake and a harsh lesson 🙁
    I have been told in New Zealand that a forensic revcovery specialist *may* be able to recover some of the data and then the time machine would be rendered useless – cost around $700US. Any advice, thoughts would be appreciated.



    Any file that has been overwritten cannot be recovered. However, there’s no guarantee that yours was, as OS X could just physically write the new file in a different location. Still if Quick Scan doesn’t pickup the file, and I doubt it will, as Quick Scan works with system cache, which might not store any info about the overwritten file, as it was, well, overwritten; Deep Scan might not find the file, as it doesn’t have a specific signature.

    Though, finally, sorry for the mess, every recovery case is unique, and we always recommend getting Disk Drill and seeing if it can get your data back:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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