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    Yesterday, I mistakenly reformatted a 2TB archive drive, which was almost full of backups of my video projects. I immediately realized my mistake, and haven’t made any additional changes to the drive.

    I did a deep scan on the drive last night, and it seems to have found most of my media, but of course it isn’t sorted into any of my original file structure, and I’ve lost all of the correct filenames.

    I tried doing a “search for lost partitions”, but that only brings up the current, reformatted partition, with almost no data in it. Same thing with a Quick Scan.

    Is there any other option for recovering my original file structure? I’ve noticed on deep scan, there is a 1.82 TB disk image that comes up. If I restore that, is there a good chance that would restore my file structure? Or is that just another representation of my current drive format? I can send a screen shot if that helps.

    Thank you!



    If Deep Scan finds a previous partition, it will be immediately mounted and becomes visible in the Disk list of Disk Drill, if that partition is not corrupted. If you can see that partition mounted, try quick-scanning it. If that doesn’t help, Deep Scan is the last resort, and it’s true that in most cases it won’t recover the original properties. There’s nothing that can be done about that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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