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    Hello, I have some problem of my recover files..
    My Disk Drill was the newest version 1.5.167
    Half month ago, I accident deleted my bootcamp in the utility tools
    I get all the file by using Disk Drill to scan my bootcamp (unallocated),
    but sadly, the file i recover from my original folder file structure that isn’t read able..
    these file scan by Disk Drill collect into “all .jpg .mov” folder can be read able, but it destroy my original file structure, which i dun wanna spend much time to rebuild 20’000 file…
    i knew that Disk Drill have the function to recover original file structure in the early version..
    i been try many times to read the recover file from original folder by using any software, the result remain the error message: cannot open “file_name”
    the error file at attact file , you can download to try it
    these file is very important for me, i really need to get it back
    hope you can help me to solve this problem by showing the step.. i will very appreciate!



    All these questions are pretty standard. You need to realize that data recovery is not the same as working with live existing files. It just doesn’t work that way. Moreover, your data was lost more than 2 weeks ago and most probably it was overwritten by your system activity. You should have recovered it immediately after it was lost, or at least minimize disk usage after that. Anyway, you should read these articles to get answers to your questions:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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