Please help me understand how to use disk drill in my case…

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    I have a NTFS drive, stand alone. I mounted it with NTFS mount and it worked for a while then one day it just gave me a blank drive content. The drive’s get info under disk utility showed that it has the data inside but it just doesn’t show them or list them. I had some really important files so I had to recover it. I got disk drill but both deleted file scan and deep scan only reveal some really old deleted files while I was still on windows. I have a rough idea what I am seeking but when I go through all the same file types it recovered in deep scan I found nothing matching what I seek.

    I ended up recovered the entire drive intact while booting into windows and did a disk check. I think the volume table for overwritten may be? But after running the right click and disk check I see all the files returned. Anyway, I wish that disk drill could perform the same action and save the drive but is there just a function? If not then shouldn’t we add it? In my case disk drill couldn’t help me at all but I could imagine that it is useful in some other case. I couldn’t find a way to do it in disk drill or I don’t know the program enough. I see that it can try to find the deleted file or scan for some really old file. But what about getting the index back like in my case? I already paid for the license… I hope that it prove to be a wise purchase since $100 USD is really expensive for a piece of software…

    Thank so much.



    Have you tried to “Search for Lost Partitions” on this drive?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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