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    I have recently lost several Canon CR2 Raw Files.
    When I offload my CF card my Mac will normally be backed up to Super Duper (in the evening) and Time Machine every hour.
    I have somehow deleted 15-20 files somehow and cannot find copies backed up.
    The files where probably deleted for 2 days in my trash and my trash emptied but nothing defragged,formatted so was hopeful they could be recovered so purchased Disk Drill.
    DD has found lots files but most are corrupt.
    The CR2 files will not open I get message “photoshop cannot open this file”
    I don’t expect miracles but seeing these are just a few days deletedI though at least a few would work and as it stands NOTHING seems to be recoverable.
    Am I missing something here ? or is the software just not up to the job purchased for?
    Any advise would be appreciated .
    Regards Simon


    Hi Simon,

    It usually doesn’t matter how long ago the files got deleted. A lot depends on your drive’s file system, OS activity, amount of the empty hard drive space, etc.

    Have a look:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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