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    Hi everyone,
    I was used DiskDrill since yesterday to recover files from a damaged disk. I left my Mac turned on during the night because the files are of order 50 Gb. This morning, I discovered the process stopped after 6Gb. Then, I tried again to recover the files but now the partition in not in the list, whereas it is present in the tab of Disk Utility. I can access to the partition through Finder but I cannot see it on diskDrill,

    I can see the other partitions of the disk on DiskDrill but not the mine of interest!

    I tried to cancel DiskDrill and reinstall it without having any solution.



    This is the log file when I plug my external drive in.

    The partition that I do not see is called “HD”. The partition “HD FAT” is shown in DiskDrill.


    Hi there, let us have a closer look here. Can you email us the Disk Drill logs as explained here: ?


    I apologize for the repeated request, we can see that the logs were uploaded already. And according to them, the partition in question was actually found and displayed by Disk Drill as “Untitled 1”. Can you, please, take a screenshot from Disk Drill with all items expanded in the disk list, and the same from DU? Thanks



    Here you find the screenshots



    Any news?? Thanks


    Actually, yes. Thank you for bearing with us.
    It seems that your hard drive does have some hardware issues and Disk Drill is detecting some bad sectors. Please go into the bad sector management mode for the drive in question, and reset the list of bad sectors for it. Here’s how to do it:

    This should get your “invisible” partition back into the list. We recommend making a byte-to-byte backup of this hard drive and run any data recovery off the backup copy instead of scanning the drive itself:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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