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    I’m sure someone has asked this and I apologize for asking again but I couldn’t find anything to help me..

    My WD external HDD formated for Mac won’t mount on my macbook anymore. The lights come on and I can feel the disk spin up. No unusual noises at all. It’s a 2TB 3.0 and it’s about 5 months old. I go to disk utilities and I see it there but it looks like theres nothing on it. Also none of the buttons in disk utilities light up, I can’t click on repair disk or verify disk.

    QUESTION: Can disk drill pro recover the data even if it appears not to be mounted? Or any other program that someone knows of that might work? I have close to 2TB of TV shows on it and I’d like to recover it.


    Disk Drill may surely try to recover your data from this drive. Can you see it in Disk Drill? There are several recovery methods that may work in this case.



    I downloaded the trial version and did a deep scan. Found files says 1.8 TB and reconstructed files says 3.64.. Before I pay a hundred dollars I wanna make sure it’ll work or at least recover a majority of what I lost… But I’d gladly pay that to recover my files! So what do you think? What other info do you need I’ll gladly look something up


    So why don’t you follow the tutorial and go ahead previewing the found files? Only the correct preview will guarantee flawless recovery of your data. More details may be found here: /help/can-i-really-scan-for-my-lost-files-for-free/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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