"lost partition" scans okay, is mountable, can "Recover". Files are unreadable

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    File system was a SoftRAID mirror. Disk Drill Basic found a “lost partition” and a quick review seemed to show the files were okay. Upgraded to Pro and recovered okay but now only the “.txt” files are readable. JPEGs, PDFs, etc., bring up a spinning wheel in quick-view and the default apps (Preview) say they can’t open the file.

    At the drive level (WD 4TB), I can collect the file types. Thousands of Reconstructed Files. Basic scan seemed to show some samples opened okay but now they can’t/won’t open.

    A little help please?




    An “All recovery methods” at the “drive” level finds the files but in the manner of folders of Pictures, Documents, etc., but with numerically assigned file names. A quick-view of the files there shows proper JPEG images, PDF docs, etc.

    So one technique sorts out the file system and the other (correctly) shows the files. 🙁

    How do I get the files to correctly reunite with the file system?



    Still in limbo…

    Running “All recovery methods” on a partition created “Found Files”, “Labeled Files”, and “Reconstructed Files”.

    FF shows the file system and files but the files (except .txt) contain garbage. Hex dump of JPG lacks the correct header and neither a Quick Look nor Preview can open it.

    LF and RF have the files intact but are ‘sorted’ into Documents, Pictures, etc., without any notion of their place in the file system.

    So DD can figure out the file system but cannot ‘put’ the actual files in their proper places.



    Hi again, can you send your scanning logs to our support team for a review?
    Here’s how: https://www.cleverfiles.com/help/troubleshooting-basics/

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