is disk drill still working?

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    I started my recovery session on Fri night and now it’s wednesday night. The drive is a 160Gb laptop drive which was formated to fat32 and ntfs on a mac and then ntfs on a pc. disk drill found many files available. I expected this could take a while but now I’m not sure it’s even working as it’s been on 69% all day. There is some movement but I don’t know if I should stick with it because at this rate it could take months to finish. Even if I should finish I don’t know if i should b choosing ‘Skip all remaining’, ‘Save session’ or ‘Cancel recovery’. Any comments welcome.



    Saving the session would be useful any way. Do it when you can. I suppose that “Skip remaining” option is only available when you are already recovering, so scanning is over by now, right?

    Anyway, you can try to skip the remaining selected items as you’ll already have the session saved. Then check the following for troubleshooting instructions (section 1):


    Then try loading the session and completing the recovery again.



    Well I don’t think it’s over but overnight, say, 6 hours, it’s gone from 69.69% to 70.33%. So it’s just going dreadfully slow. So Save, Skip, Reload & Recover.. I’ll read the link in details before i do anything. Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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