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    I’ve just downloaded Disk Drill 3.1 (Basic) in an attempt to recover an external drive that was wiped with an erase to NTFS. The drive was previously HFS+.

    Documentation for Disk Drill refers to HFS+ Extraction for these extreme situations but I can’t find any such tool in the app.

    Am I able to recover from a full disk erase to NTFS using Disk Drill? If so, why am I possibly not seeing the tool?

    Many thanks.


    Hi, yes, you are able to recover everything that’s recoverable… Depending on what you mean by “a full disk erase” and the exact data loss scenario, the partition can or cannot be recoverable intact, or the data from that partition may or may not be recoverable. The only way to find out if anything can be recovered at all, is to actually run the recovery with Disk Drill Basic, and analyze the results. I hope this helps.



    Thanks JR.

    Rather than erase a new disk I’d inadvertently erased my Time Machine backup drive using the Mac Disk Utility. DD has found all files from the Time Machine backup but it hasn’t offered to restore the partition to HFS+ so I’m wondering if it will only restore files but not the original structure.


    Hi again, as previously said, it will recover only what it can find. And the list of recoverable items is in fact provided after the scan. That list of scanning results is exactly what can be recovered.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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