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    hi, maybe someone have suggestion on how to proceed..
    So…my Wd essential (2.0tb) this morning decided to stop working..1 partition hfs magically disappeared !! disk has another small partition (800mb) with smartware on that still works, but the data partition could not be mounted..
    I’m trying to recover data , first try with speed scan stopped at about 83%..then after reading some post i decided to try a deep scan and not to stop if scan hangs…now deep scan is from 2 hours still at 82,15 %…

    my question is: if i format (no zero write on) with hfs+ and try a recover , does this change the actual situation?
    any suggestion?





    The suggestion would be to 1) try Search for Lost Partitions; which version and build of Disk Drill are you running now? 2) try to do a quick format, and then Search for Lost Partitions + Quick Scan of found virtual partitions (if any).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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