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    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had the same happening to them or even better if anyone knows how to save my hard drive!

    The external HDD is an 1,5 month old Western Digital hard drive 2 TB, was working perfectly fine before this incident.

    I had some jpg files that I accidentally deleted from my ext. HDD so I used disk drill in order to try to recover the files, disk drill estimated the process to app. 4 hours and during this time I could hear the hard drive making some noises, usually it is very quiet. When the process was done I saved the recovered images to my mac hard drive and saved the session. All seemed fine so i dismounted the WD HDD, the image disappeared but when I unplugged the USB an error message showed up saying I hadn’t disconnected it properly.

    Now when I try to connect the WD HDD it makes heaps of noises and clicking sounds and it doesn’t show up as a device on mac.

    I tried to open the saved session when WD HDD was connected but a message that I needed to connect the device showed up in disk drill.

    I restarted mac plugged in the HDD and opened disk drill once again and now i get this message:

    “Dead disk detected
    The disk “WD My Passport 0748 Media” seems to be non-responsive (dead). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to recover any data from it without hardware intrusion. As a quick recommendation, please try to reconnect it to your Mac.”

    I am devastated, everything was working fine previously I just wanted to recover 5 jpg images and instead I lost everything on my HDD that contained a lot of really important data.

    Please, please help me solve this.



    jel said: the image disappeared

    What exactly do you mean in this case? Which image? Didn’t you recover and save your lost images to another disk? It seems that you just mounted found items as disk to your Mac, but didn’t complete the recovery. If your disk is only 2 months old, I think you should replace it by warranty, but this won’t recover your data, unfortunately. The disk has to be technically readable for it to be accessed by Disk Drill.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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