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    Hello. I’m scanning a “dead” (according to the genius bar) hard drive to recover some video that I didn’t have a chance to back up to carbonite.

    Initially, I was able to scan for pictures and it worked fine. But I wanted to scan for videos and by doing a “Deep Scan” it started out with the Freespace Mapping. It gets stuck at 29.22% during this phase and seems to stop. I’ve restarted it several times but after 5 minutes, it stops at 29.22% every time.

    Should I wait it out or am I wasting my time?

    It’s a 640gb WD drive and I’m using Disk Drill Pro 1.8.190.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.



    What exactly do you mean by “dead” condition of the drive?



    Also, here are several points to consider:

    1. You will need to check the internal log of Disk Drill, there might be some error messages that need your attention: /help/troubleshooting-basics/ – the first thing to try here is: reboot your Mac and reattach the disk you are recovering from. This should help, as actually there’s nothing different in actions of Disk Drill when it’s scanning for videos or images using Deep Scan.

    2. If you can, make a DMG copy of the disk, and scan the image, this should be much faster and will omit any bad sectors that might cause the slowdown.

    3. Try selecting the whole disk, and not just a partition for Deep Scanning. It’s possible that the file system is corrupted and that’s causing the freezing. When you select the whole disk, free space will not be evaluated and the whole disk will be treated as one indivisible raw space. More details here: /help/scanning-empty-hard-disk-space/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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