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    hi !
    i don’t know if there something i do wrong, so i’ll explain everything.
    i have this hard drive that was in a windows laptop. it had 3 partitions, first was the OS and most of the data, the 2nd was for data, but mostly empty, and the last one for recovery, hidden.
    due to OS failure, on restart, the recovery program start and says “i’m gonna restore blahblahblah all data will be lost.” and start to format the OS partition. i stopped it, but too late. so the disk won’t load anywhere, windows ask to format it, etc…
    but data is here and i want to recover it.
    i have filerecovery 2010 demo, which lets me explore the disk, all folders and files visible, correct files names and so on, but due to demo limitations, only lets me save 0 files and 0 folders for a total of 0 Ko. nice.
    then i find you program, and try to recover files with it, and it works, but file names aren’t here, they are gathered by filetype, and named like file0001.jpg and so on.
    did i miss something ? is there a way to explore the drive and get back the folder you want ?



    Nope, everything is going as it should. As partitions are lost, only deep scan is available. Deep Scan has no info about the original file names (check the built’-in tutorial for more details on this), so it gives random names to the found files. One of the next releases will feature the option to recover partitions, hopefully this will let you get access to existing files asap as well.

    One main question: so are partitions lost or not? Can you see partitions in Disk Drill?



    i can see the partitions.
    but there’s a glitch.
    the disk is a WD scorpio 320Go. the partitions DDrill shows me are a 298 Go, a 192 Go, and another 298 Go, which is, for a 320 Go drive, totally awesome or completely screwed.
    i made screenshot, how can i send them ?
    i need for format this disk now, so i won’t be able to make further test on it.



    Please email the screenshot to help@cleverfiles.com

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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