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    Hi Guys,
    Last night some how one of may hard drives lost 2TB of Movies of all difrent types of files.

    I downloaded Basic and I am in the process of doing a deap scan to see if it works before buying it.

    I have noticed that it is working and a lot of the AVI files are coming back but so far no VOB or Video TS (these are my own DVDs that I have ripped).

    I was wondering if any one can let me know if these dvd folders / files will be able to be recovered other wise I have to re load 200 odd DVDs (not fun).

    I would apreceate any advice or feedback.





    As you may already know, Deep Scan is only capable of reconstructing files. It doesn’t know anything about their original locations, or other properties. If Quick Scan and Search for Lost Partitions were not able to recover your data, then Deep Scan is the last way to go. Note that Deep Scan IS capable of recovering VOB files: /help/file-types/



    I can’t seem to select .vob files for Deep Scanning even thaw on the website it says they are supported.



    VOB is in fact the same as MPEG2. VOB files are found by Deep Scan, but will have .mpg extension.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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