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    here’s what I’ve been doing, so tell me if I’m doing this wrong.

    I want to have Disk Drill Pro installed on each of my three macs:
    an iMac Desktop I use at home, my laptop I use for Business,
    and a second new laptop that I will use for my business.

    In the past, I waited until DDP was offered in bundles ( mostly Stack Social)
    and I buy it in these bundles and install it on the machines.

    I was getting ready to buy in the latest bundle ( I have two bought so far)
    to get a licensed copy for my new laptop, but thought there has to be a
    better way to do this? Can I not use one of my already purchased license
    for my second laptop? What is the “1user, up to 3 macs” fine print on the
    Get Pro page, does this mean I should have only bought once, and could use it
    on my three macs?

    Please let me know. I love your product, and I have had no (obviously) problem
    purchasing it, but keeping up with multiple licenses, installers, etc is a PAIN.



    ps. I’m also spreading the word through my FB page, and have been asked by a friend
    if you guys give discounts to Educational Institutions.


    Hi there! You definitely don’t have to buy a separate license for every Mac you own. One PRO license is good for 3 personal Macs, owned by the licensee (you). But thanks for being a fan of Disk Drill, we are fans of clients like you! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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