Disk Drill Hanging

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    I’m delighted the DD has quickly been able to scan and provide functioning previews of files on an entire drive I was afraid was badly damaged. I’m using “All recovery methods”.

    However, the program seems to have hung with the note “This shouldn’t be long… 4954780 recoverable items found”… this number has not changed in 45 minutes.

    At the bottom the message reads “Let Disk Drill finish scanning, or Pause scan if you already see your lost items in the list.”
    However, I cannot pause the session.

    I can save it. Should I save and then reactivate the session in order to move to the recover phase?




    I saved and reopened DD and now the Recover button lit. Not sure what that was about. Hope I really am getting all my files…



    Seems that Disk Drill got to the area of your disk that has a set of bad sectors. Just be patient. Hopefully you are already enjoying the recovered data. Just in case, it may also help to create a DMG-backup image (within Disk Drill) of the target partition, and recover your data from the image, instead of the actual disk (which may have hardware issues).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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