Disk Drill failed to protect?

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    Hi all, my fathers Seagate EXT HD with 4 partitions was protected by Disk Drill but it’s been wiped clean & Disk Drill couldn’t detect any previous partitions nor recover any files. My father has a Mac & the drive is unreadable & won’t mount but is showing as connected by Disk Drill & Disk Utility. The 2 TB drive shows as a 4 GB drive now & the Mac wants to format it. When the Seagate EXT drive boots up it beeps twice then about 4 or 5 single beeps before settling down. He didn’t have a backup of this drive & has lost a lot of valuable photos.

    Is this possible, that Disk Drill had been protecting 3 of the 4 partitions (the 4th was a Time Machine partition) but is totally unable to recover one single file?

    Thanks for your time with this folks.


    Hi there, which protection method did you use: Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery? Did you try the Deep Scan on the drive in question? If you lost all the data, and it was protected by Recovery Vault, unless the drive was an SSD, the Vault’s database should be somewhere there. Deep Scan is capable of reconstructing it, and the overall recovery chances are high if the database is found.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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