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    hi, i have the bitter duty to announce the first bug (?)…
    after i plugged my unstable 1 tb harddrive (which could just suffer a slackjoint), the remarkable nice program diskdrill wasn’t able to recognize my intern harddrive or any other (it shows everything, the tutorial, menue, frame, function buttons and dialogs perfectly well) at it’s next startup (what it flawlessly did before).
    i already threw the program and plist in the bin, but… no change, no change.
    i hope someone’s able to help, because the guys of cleverfiles seemed to have placed a very nice piece of software (except for my problem, perhaps).



    Yeah, unfortunately we already got a lot of similar reports, so we are heading towards the fix, and it will greatly help us if you could also send us the logs of the Recovery Vault from your system. We assume that the bug is related to some random crashes inside the Vault’s daemon. Please follow these instructions and send the logs to help@cleverfiles.com: /help/troubleshooting-basics/ (section #2)

    Thanks. We are close to the solution.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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