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    Hello, I’m a first-timer here. Disk-Drill Pro seems to be a great product and I enjoy the user-friendly service and overall CleverFiles attitude.
    I accidentally reformatted my 2 TB external drive which contained several hundred movies neatly classified. A Deep Scan of it displayed thousands of files, very promising. Oddly, including 12 TB of documents!? I had to uncheck this Document folder to allow Recovery to take place within the 2 TB of the same drive. The Recovery was on its way when my drive just virtually disconnected from my IMac! No wires were unplugged, and the usual Warning message about safely removing… was up. I couldn’t get the Previous Deep Scan results to reappear, so I am now half way into my second 19 hours long Deep Scan, and so far, only 63 files are detected! AT this point in the first scan, there were thousands of files showing up. This is scary! I have two years of movie research in there, from various countries, 70% of which I haven’t even watched yet!
    Do you have an idea where they could have vanished?

    Also, before the drive ‘unplugged’ itself, while the recovery was ongoing, I previewed some of the unnamed files which were lining up on the Recovery window: They were the films! So, even if I had recovered all the movie files, I would have had to preview each one of the hundreds of them to find out their titles!! and even the trailers were subdivided into separate files!
    Obviously, this question will be irrelevant if the first issue isn’t solved.



    You should really consult our knowledgebase, it has all the answers for you, for instance: /help/can-i-recover-a-specific-file-with-disk-drill/

    Why haven’t you used the “Resume last recovery” button? Anyway, there’s no way to tell what exactly happened to your disk. Obviously it’s having hardware issues, and it is quite possible that data is lost.

    Also, make sure you are using Disk Drill 1.6 it has a number of very important fixes relating to Deep Scan.



    Thanks for responding,
    I did press the “Resume last recovery” button, to no avail.

    As for using the knowledge base, I read so much of it, but nothing resembles the symptoms I described. Your forum is good, but it still takes the seeker to have the right question or formulation, or know the terminology used. For instance, I just read the info in the article you linked me to, about Specific file recovery, but I didn’t find how it was relevant to my issue of total disappearing of the thousands of found files.

    Anyway! You are right, it might have been a hardware glitch.

    A good thing you mention the 1.6 update. I thought my downloaded app. was up to date, since I got it only yesterday, and-or it would update itself automatically, but no! It is updated now.

    Now that the newest Deep Scan is complete, I recovered 63 files, none of which were actually salvageable. My loss.

    I really like your system. Ironically, I can’t wait to have to use it and benefit from its optimal recovery functionality! and at the same time, of course not!! In 20 years of using a computer, this is my first data loss. I don’t plan to gain more experience in the field!



    SoulSkin said: I did press the “Resume last recovery” button, to no avail.

    What exactly do you mean? Nothing happened after pressing the button?



    I thought by pressing Resume last Recovery I would be presented with the list of files, as they had been checked ‘done’ during recovery, before the crash, and I could resume the procedure. Instead, a finder window opened, but I had no idea what I was invited to browse for, so I closed it, and searched for the last scan results instead. It didn’t contain the thousands of files I saw earlier, only 63, so I went for a new deep scan…and ended up with 63 files.

    I would like you to know that the loss of my movies is nothing serious. It only represents work and time, and I will patiently rebuild the collection. I am certain your software is not at fault. The mysterious hardrive disconnect probably messed up the process.
    Ah! now that I think of it, something else happened which could very well be a determining cause and maybe even technically helpful for later developments.
    I will explain later, it is late now.
    Good night



    Thanks for the follow-up. If the status of your files was DONE, that means they were already recovered. However, you are right, you should have seen the last session loaded any way.

    Which version and build of Disk Drill are/were you running? Is Recovery Vault enabled? How much space do you have available on the system/boot disk?

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