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    The file I accidentally deleted shows up on the data map and in the data count but not when I do a deep scan. how can i get in position to restore it?


    It does sound that this file is NOT deleted if you see it in disk data mapping mode. Try “Allocate existing file system data” recovery method to let Disk Drill read existing data from the disk with its own binary reading means.



    it has found it but evidently as it wasnt deleted, I need to recover it and need pro for that.
    Thanks for the help though, any way round it?


    I’ll be able to reply to your question, just checking some internal stuff with this new recovery algorithm. Just, can you confirm that you really can’t locate that file through Finder, and do you know of any reason why it would not show you the existing data?



    Definitely not in finder. I emptied my trash today though and it dissappeared from the data mapping. It didnt transfer from the external when I deleted it but it appears to have done so anyway as its not on the mapping anymore. Im running a deep scan again now to see if it will find it now that it may be fully deleted from the external.
    Course of events so far:
    Accidently deleted file from external HDD
    ran data map: file found
    ran deep scan: nothing
    disconnected external HDD to move laptop
    reconnected: file still in mapping
    emptied macbook trash: file no longer in mapping or showing in data count.
    running deep scan on External and will on internal.

    many thanks for your help however you can


    OK, so here’s what we assume happened: the file you were looking for was not deleted. Data mapping mode revealed it as it doesn’t care about the hidden files, and actually maps all of them. Seems like the file was in one of the .Trash folders, which is hidden by default. That’s why you couldn’t find it in Finder. All you had to do was navigating to this file through “Show in Finder” option from Disk Drill, or you could turn on showing hidden files in OS X with the help of the Terminal app. I hope you can recover your file when it’s deleted now. It might be a challenge if you’ve got an SSD disk in place.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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