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    I have an external WD Passport with about 300gb of music (called MusicHD). It was backed up by a WD Passport Time Machine

    iTunes, on my Mac Mini kept freezing and sometimes I couldn’t even force quit and I had to force restart the computer.

    Then I noticed that MusicHD wasn’t mounting. I I tried it on my macbook. It wasn’t mounting on that either. I tried Apple disc utility on it. First time, it showed up as being totally full, and wouldn’t mount. Then I unattached and re-attached it. It showed up as having 350Gb or so, which was correct. And it mounted, so I was happy. But then I discovered that the ‘Music’ folder was zero bytes (just the music folder: the other folders were OK).

    Tried Apple Disk First Aid, but that wasn’t possible.

    So then I went to the back up, Time Machine. First It opened OK on the Mac Mini. But then it froze. In fact, the whole computer froze, and I had to reboot. After I rebooted, the Time Machine HD also didn’t mount. I took that to my Macbook, and sure enough it wouldn’t mount. I couldn’t even get it to load on Disc Utility. As soon as I attach it, I get ‘disk loading’ forever.

    I panicked somewhat: both my data HD and my backup HD crashing at the same time! my main concern is to get my music files off that MusicHD. I went on the web, found Disk Drill and set it up on my macbook. At present it is searching for lost HFS partitions on the Music HD, and so far it has taken 8 hours to find nothing. By the look of the blue bar, it is going to take days.

    Then my Mac Mini, where all this started, refused to boot. I started in recovery mode, and have just finished reinstalling El Capitan. Seems to be OK, but I am now scanning for viruses.

    That all happened at night. This morning, I have contacted friends who know about things, and they have recommended other methods of saving the music. However, as I’ve gone to the trouble of setting up Disk Drill, and it is already 8 hours into the task, I don’t want to give up now. However, it would be good if you could tell me I’m doing the right thing. Is there a good chance that Disk Drill might be able to get these files back for me?



    By this time you might have probably finished the scan and know the results. However, the answer here (which I believe you had already received from our support team) would be kind of universal: every recovery case is absolutely unique. There are no general rules that will help YOU retrieve more of YOUR files from YOUR computer. The less you write to your drive after the files got lost, the more you can recover. Then the main rule would be – download Disk Drill, let it scan your storage, and show you what’s recoverable. Hope this helps.

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