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    I did a search, it found files that I deleted ages ago (incredible product so far) but when I tried to recover them, it’s saying that the feature is only allowed on Pro versions.

    Before I spend another $90 (spent $75 on a external hard drive since it warned me not to recover to the computer itself) will it guaranteed recover my files? I am able to view them in the preview.

    Also can I do recoveries in stages, or does it have to be a one shot job…. I’m afraid of shutting down Disk Drill after it found my files, will it find it again if I restart my computer? The memory has been wiped when I upgraded to Maverick or what ever system Apple is now. Please help!!


    Hi there, if the preview works for you in Disk Drill Basic, the files recovered in PRO will be the same you see in the preview. So, the preview is actually the guarantee. And yes, you can do recovery in portions, or all together. Up to you. Don’t forget to save the scanning session and make sure the scanned media is not in use until you complete the recovery.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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