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    I am a Pro user, and I am using Disk Drill 2.4.433. I am currently running it on a Mid 2010 27″ iMac with 12 gab of RAM.

    I noticed a few months back that my computer would get really slow after it had been up for a while. After investigating, I found a process called BDLDaemon that was eating up to 3.95 gb of live RAM (practically one quarter of the RAM) and was pushing the memory pressure of the machine into the red. This could be temporarily relieved by restarting; however, over time it would climb right back up. Searching on the internet lead to this process coming from Disk Drill.

    I thought this was likely a bug that you guys would address, since it looks like a classic memory leak problem. I waited through some updates, and now I am here with the latest version of both Disk Drill and Mac OS X (El Capitan 10.10.1). Watching Activity Monitor, I see in less than an hour, BDLDaemon had gone from about 800 mb to 1.36 gb and climbing.

    While this app does some amazing things, I cannot allow it to consume my computer’s ability to get work done. I am uninstalling it until you guys have a fix. I hope you have one, given that I paid for the software, and would like to use it.


    Hi there, BDLDaemon is not related to Disk Drill. What made you think it’s our component?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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