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    I tried this out on a drive which had (accidentally) been repartitioned and re-formatted. I was very impressed with the results, although obviously it will be more useful as the range of recognised file types increases. However, I managed to recover most of what I wanted using Deep Scan. A few observations:

    1. While the Deep Scan process is running it is not possible to mount or unmount any other volumes, even though those volumes are not being scanned. As the scan can take very many hours, this is an annoying limitation. I would obviously expect Disk Drill to “lock” the volume being scanned but other volumes should operate normally.

    2. Once the Deep Scan is complete, Disk Drill presents a list of all the files it has found. Presumably Disk Drill makes some sort of “directory map” for the drive. It would be really useful if this “map” could be saved on to a different volume. This would have two benefits: if Disk Drill crashes at some stage during the recovery process, you don’t have to start all over again (a LOT of wasted time); and it would allow the user to quit Disk Drill and return to the recovery process later and resume from the same point. In my case it took about 8 hours to deep scan the disk and a whole day to go through the previews of the recovered files to find the specific files I needed to recover. It would have been very useful to be able to schedule this task at convenient times, rather than having to dedicate one long, continuous chunk of time to the process. At one point, Disk Drill hung for over 10 minutes (see next point), with the spinning wait cursor, so I was expecting to have to start all over again. I appreciate a saved “directory map” will be useless if the user does anything which changes the disk under recovery, but suitable user warnings should minimise this hazard.

    3. On at least two occasions I experienced long “hangs” (spinning wait cursor). These occurred after I had recovered a file then clicked the Recover tab (top right of the window, showing the 4 process steps) to return to the listing of files available for recovery. On one occasion the hang lasted more than 10 minutes, so I was about to force quit but fortunately decided to leave it. Disk Drill doesn’t always hang at this point – I also clicked the Recover tab after recovering a file and was taken straight back to the list of files. I checked Disk Drill’s logs but there was nothing relevant in the logs.

    4. Using a single window, with the 4 stage process for data recovery (Select disk, Scan, Recover, Done) works well. However, I suspect many people will want to do the same as me – recover one or more files, then go back to the very long listing and select some more files for recovery. Getting from the “Done” window back to the file listing (the “Recover” window) isn’t very obvious. At first I thought I had burned my boats and would have to start all over again. Adding an explanation or an explicit button (“Recover more files”) would help to improve user navigation.

    Otherwise I found Disk Drill easy to use and stable. I look forward to seeing it mature and will definitely be adding it to Disk Warrior as an essential tool for disk maintenance.



    Bright said: it will be more useful as the range of recognised file types increases

    True and accepted. We are working on this very actively now.

    Bright said: While the Deep Scan process is running it is not possible to mount or unmount any other volumes

    I will have to look into this. I’ll update the post when I get more details from the team.

    Bright said: It would be really useful if this “map” could be saved on to a different volume

    Bright, this WILL be added to Disk Drill in one of the next updates. Our developers are already working on saving scanning sessions.

    For #3: please check if you can reproduce this with Disk Drill 1.0.62 which goes public tomorrow. Thanks

    #4: we also improved this step a little bit in Disk Drill 1.0.62 already! Thank you for pointing this out. We will all wait for your next comment on this, once the update is released.

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