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    Hi All,

    I had 6TB of films in mkv/avi format stored on my external hard drive which was formatted – I won’t go into detail as it still infuriates me, needless to say it was all my fault.

    Here we are.

    Whilst Disk Drill has identified 1.6TB out of almost 3.5TB the movie files (many in excess of 2GB) are showing as 1.99GB files and will only be recovered as such.

    Is there any advise you on this matter – as you can imagine a 1080p DTS fim is easily over 5GB.

    Is there anything I can do to ensure a higher identification/recovery rate of files (e.g should I run a deep scan again from scratch to see what is produced?)

    I appreciate any and all advise you may have.

    Thanks, Nima



    PS: I have purchased the PRO edition.



    Sorry, to add to this when doing a quick scan on deleted disk I can recover a directory in the name of: 8E4BEFAF-B108-4C56-B1E3-281C20963802

    Will this somehow help the naming convention of recoverable files should we manage to get past the file size issue as described above?

    Thanks yet again, Nima



    Unfortunately, there’s no way to recover original file names with Deep Scan. Have you tried Quick Scanning, or Search for Lost Partitions?

    The bigger the file is, the less chances there are to recover it completely and without errors. It’s only possible if the file was stored on the disk as a solid chunk, without fragmentation. That’s of course if Quick Scan and Search for Partitions don’t help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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