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Can Recovery Vault be used in forensic research? macOS

Occasionally we are getting requests from various law enforcement organizations throughout the world about Disk Drill and its forensic features. In addition to Forensic Data Export in DFXML format, turns out many are able to utilize other functions of Disk Drill for making our world a […]

How Do I Find Disk Drill’s Log Files? macOS

Sometimes there may be a need to troubleshoot Disk Drill. One of the first items our tech support may ask for are the internal Disk Drill logs. To accomplish this you can do the following: #1. If No Crash Occurred: Getting activity logs […]

How Can Disk Drill Help Prevent My Files from Being Lost In the Future? macOS

Disk Drill has three great data protection features that will make it much easier for you to prevent and recover lost files in the future. All of these features are completely free with Disk Drill Basic: Guaranteed Recovery: This feature allows […]

Recovery Vault FAQs

Recovery Vault is a Disk Drill feature that you can use to protect yourself from future data loss. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about it. To learn how to enable and recover files with it, see How to Use […]

How to Use Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery macOS

Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery are two different ways to protect yourself from future data loss. Recovery Vault saves the metadata (filename, file location, etc) of deleted files, making it much easier to identify and recover these files using Disk […]

Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X macOS

Disk Drill has its solution of your problems when it comes to Adobe® Illustrator® AI files recovery. You should realize however that the chances of getting successful recovery results depend on many factors. But in most cases you can expect […]

Recover and Undelete Folders on Mac OS macOS

As you may already know, Disk Drill is an advanced data recovery solution with the ability to recovery almost any file format from any mountable media on Mac OS. Rather frequently, however, we receive questions from our users on whether […]

Recover Deleted Mail.app Mailbox Emails for Free with Disk Drill for Mac OS X macOS

We have received several questions on whether Disk Drill has the option to recover mbox data, that is actually used by Mail® App. The short answer is – yes, it can! Disk Drill can recover mbox files in case of […]

Update: Disk Drill 1.5 macOS

Disk Drill 1.5 boasts new graphics, better Quick Scan, new localizations and supported file types…

Why Can’t Some of My Volumes/Partitions Be Protected with Recovery Vault? macOS

So you are ready to apply Recovery Vault to a hard drive or partition you have connected to your Mac. This is a wise move that will enhance your chances of data recovery. Recovery Vault is very fast and has […]