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Disk Drill 1.8: new signatures, speed improvements, fixes macOS

Disk Drill 1.8: new signatures, speed improvements, fixes. Get the update

Just Launched: Disk Drill 1.7.188 macOS

Disk Drill 1.7.188 adds new file types to Deep Scan, recovers from Linux/Unix disks…

Disk Drill updates for March 2012 macOS

Disk Drill 1.7.185 shipping now. It’s a new minor build with a bunch of updates and some bugfixes

Disk Drill 1.7: Thunderbolt support, better deep scanning, more improvements macOS

Disk Drill 1.7 is here! Thunderbolt hard drives recovery, new file signatures, and more…

Disk Drill 1.6 macOS

Disk Drill 1.6 is here! New file signatures added, several critical fixes. Update now…

Guess What App is in the TOP-15 Most Popular Mac Downloads at CNET? macOS

Thanks to your feedback and trust our solution Disk Drill became one of top downloaded Mac app at Now it’s place is 15 and growing. We are ready to listen everybody’s suggestions on how to make Disk Drill better. […]

Update: Disk Drill 1.5 macOS

Disk Drill 1.5 boasts new graphics, better Quick Scan, new localizations and supported file types…

Disk Drill 1.4 refreshed macOS

Disk Drill 1.4 updated! New file types supported by Deep Scan. Multiple improvements…

Disk Drill 1.4 introduces Guaranteed Recovery macOS

Disk Drill 1.4 is here. Get it now. We introduced Guaranteed Recovery and polished some Lion-related issues…

Disk Drill 1.3.123 & new video tutorial! macOS

Disk Drill 1.3.123 released today. Get the new version asap, and check the new video tutorial…

Disk Drill tops at CNet’s catalog macOS

Disk Drill is among top 20 Mac apps, according to CNet’s catalog; check the full review…

HFS recovery in Disk Drill 1.3.118 macOS

Disk Drill 1.3.118 adds low-level search for HFS journal; attempts to recover original file names with Deep Scan…

New in Disk Drill: Deep Scan improvements & Mac OS 10.7 macOS

We added a number of new file formats to Deep Scan algorithms in Disk Drill 1.3. Check out the new release

Disk Drill goes 1.2! macOS

Disk Drill goes 1.2! Check out the new recovery method and a number of other improvements

The new Disk Drill – version 1.1 macOS

All-new Disk Drill 1.1 shines with new features. Find out what’s new and juicy in this update. Go PRO with us!

Disk Drill 1.0.67 macOS

Today we uploaded one of the last beta updates. And it’s definitely the last update before New Year. Disk Drill is 1.0.67 today. Download is free and simple, as always.

Recovered with Disk Drill macOS

This photo… yes, this one, this nice one, taken in Paris, was occasionally deleted and then recovered with Disk Drill! And it’s really true. Here’s what Olivier, the copyright owner of the image said: It (Disk Drill) seems to have […]

Disk Drill reviewed by MacWorld UK – 4 stars! macOS

MacWorld UK rates Disk Drill: it’s 4 stars! Check out the full review…

Disk Drill 1.0.66 released macOS

Disk Drill 1.0.66 just released! Get your free Mac Data Recovery software now

Disk Drill 1.0.62 now available macOS

Disk Drill 1.0.62 brings a lot of minor changes and improvements, is still free for everyone