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    2014-05-29 23:54:22.315 Disk Drill[261:807] Unknown SMART temperature format: This is a interesting error considering that the drive is reporting a temp of 36 degrees which is not bad from my knowledge and unit seem to be running fine. No other smart errors reported. Has anybody else had this issue? Any clues to what it could be.



    Can you send the Disk Drill Internal Log to help@cleverfiles.com for a review? You can get it in the top bar menu when Disk Drill is running -> Disk Drill -> Disk Drill Log.




    Logfile sent



    Hi again, I’m sorry for the delayed reply, and thanks a lot for the log file that you sent. Usually SMART reports current, maximum and minimum temperatures of a hard drive. However, there’s no official standard for its format. That’s why Disk Drill guesstimates these values based on the data we collected during research. In your case, the attempt to decode these values failed, and only current temperature is displayed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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